If you have suffered dental damage or lost teeth, dental bridges help restore your smile

When one or more teeth are lost through an accident or decay, a dental bridge may be the treatment of choice.

  • A bridge consists of an artificial tooth or teeth that are anchored to the natural teeth on either side of the gap.

  • Bridges are made from porcelain fused to metal, full porcelain or implant supported bridges.

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What is the procedure for dental bridges?

Dental bridges use a combination of crowns and false teeth to fill in the gaps in your current teeth. For example, in a gap with a single lost tooth, our dentists will fit a replacement tooth and attach crowns to it.

The artificial tooth covers the gap while the crowns anchor to the surrounding teeth, securing the bridge in your mouth.


Can a dental bridge restore damaged or missing teeth?

An example of a dental bridge situated in the lower jaw.

An example of a dental bridge situated in the lower jaw.

Losing a tooth is no small thing. If you lost your tooth to an accident or dental decay, you might feel unsettled. However, you have a chance to regain your peace of mind after a lost tooth.

Our dentists can replace your lost teeth and restore your confidence in your smile. At Cambridge City Dental, we offer dental bridges for all patients who need a tooth replacement.

We want to help you to make an informed decision about your dental care. If you think a dental bridge could help your situation, speak to our dentists about getting dental bridges in Perth.

When you understand the procedure and its benefits, you can decide for yourself if a dental bridge will benefit you.


What are the benefits of dental bridges?

Bridges prevent the problems that result from a lost tooth. You should expect the following benefits when you receive dental bridges in Perth:

  • Cosmetic restoration that eliminates gaps and ugly decayed teeth

  • Protection against misaligned teeth caused by teeth moving to fill an empty space

  • Restoration of proper bite mechanics with less tooth sensitivity to pressure

  • Prevention of facial changes due to lost teeth

  • Preservation of normal chewing and speech abilities


Contact our dentists in Perth today or book an appointment online to see if a dental bridge is right for you.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.