A Perth emergency dentist that responds to your accident quickly

Yes! Cambridge City Dental offers treatment for almost any dental emergency.

We can arrange an expert dentist to see you within a few hours.

Our location close to Perth city means we are not far away and you can benefit from our emergency dental treatment.

If you suffer from any of these accidents or other conditions, we can ease your dental pain.

  • Multiple broken teeth or a chipped or cracked tooth

  • Loose, lost or missing fillings, crowns or dental implants

  • Toothache or dental abscess

  • Jaw pain or a dull ache

  • Wisdom teeth pain

  • Knocked out tooth or an emergency extraction

  • Pain or issues with root canal

  • Workplace accident or sports injury to the mouth or jaw


Call us immediately for an emergency dental appointment – we'll respond as soon as possible!


Do you have throbbing toothache or jaw pain? Come in and see our emergency dentist in Perth immediately.

  • The sooner you act to repair your mouth, the less impact your emergency will have on your dental health.  Cambridge City Dental has experienced dentists ready to receive your call and find immediate solutions to alleviate and resolve your dental pain.

emergency dentist Perth

Trust Cambridge City Dental in Perth to fix emergency dental injuries and relieve dental pain quickly.

Find convenient emergency dental care with our office in West Leederville, where we will do everything we can to maximise your chance of a full and successful recovery. We provide expeditious treatment to take away pain and heal damage.

 Visit our emergency dentist in Perth if you need help with the following problems:

  • Chipped, cracked or broken teeth

  • Sports injuries or workplace accidents that hurt the mouth or jaw

  • Missing or lost fillings, crowns or dental implants

  • Knocked out teeth

  • Jaw pain or a dull ache

  • Toothaches or abscesses

  • Impacted 'wisdom teeth'


Make total oral care a priority. Let us help keep your teeth healthy and shiny.

At Cambridge City Dental we understand that a one-time fix doesn't guarantee your teeth are healthy. We believe our patients deserve total oral care to maintain their oral health and appearance.

As a result, you have access to emergency, preventative and cosmetic dental care. Use these treatments to resolve problems before they arise or fix the aftereffects. Accidents and injuries don't have to threaten your dental health.

Come to Cambridge City Dental immediately if you have a dental emergency.  Call our Perth emergency dentist for the help you need.

Don't delay! Phone our dentist in Perth to arrange an emergency dental appointment as soon as possible.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.